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Jim Pfaus

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PhD, British Columbia

Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 2189
E-mail: jim.pfaus@concordia.ca


My research is generally concerned with the neurochemical and molecular events that subserve sexual behavior and neuroendocrine functions. I am interested in the role of brain monoamine, amino acid, and neuropeptide systems in sexual arousal, desire, reward, and inhibition in laboratory animals, and how these systems interface with steroid hormone actions and cell-signalling mechanisms in the neuronal and behavioral responses to primary and conditioned sexual stimuli, especially those that induce copulatory or mate preferences. The neurochemical and molecular consequences of steroid hormones and sexual stimulation are currently being examined using a combination of in vivo techniques such as microdialysis, and ex vivo techniques such as immunocytochemistry and in situ hybridization histochemistry (CIHR, FQRNT, NSERC, and contract grants from Palatin, Pfizer).

Selected Publications

  • Pfaus, J.G. & Scepkowski, L.A. (2005).  The biological basis for libido.  Current Sexual Health Reports, 2, 95-100. [click to view]

  • Pfaus, J.G., Shadiack, A., van Soest, T., Tse, M., & Molinoff, P. (2004).  Selective facilitation of sexual solicitation in the female rat by a melanocortin receptor agonist. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 101, 10201-10204. [click to view]

  • Pfaus, J.G., Kippin, T.E., & Coria-Avila, G. (2003).  What can animal models tell us about human sexual response?  Annual Review of Sex Research, 14, 1-63. [click to view]

  • Pfaus, J.G., Kippin, T.E., & Centeno, S. (2001). Conditioning and sexual behavior: A review. Hormones and Behavior, 40, 291-321. [click to view]


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