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Laurie Gelfand

Laurie is a PhD student in Clinical Psychology at Concordia University. She holds a B.A. in Women’s Studies from the University of Alberta, and a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Concordia University. Laurie's main research interests include cognitive beliefs and processes involved in the phenomenology of anxiety disorders. Laurie is currently working on her Ph.D. dissertation, and will be completing her pre-doctoral internship training at the Allan Memorial of the Royal Victoria Hospital (CBT Service) and the MUHC Pain Centre from September 2010 - August 2011.

Ph.D. Thesis title: Experimental analyses of perceived control and obsessive compulsive disorder


Irena Milosevic

Irena is a PhD student in Clinical Psychology at Concordia University. She holds a B.Sc. in Psychology from the University of Toronto and an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Concordia University. Irena is currently preparing manuscripts that will detail the findings from her dissertation research. She is currently completing her pre-doctoral internship at St. Joseph's Healthcare in Hamilton, Ontario, where she will have the opportunity to work with patients who suffer from anxiety and mood disorders. Irena's research interests include cognitive-behavioural treatments for and mechanisms of maintenance and change in anxiety disorders, as well as methods of increasing compliance and motivation in exposure-based treatments for anxiety.

Ph.D. Thesis title: Use of Safety Behaviour in Exposure-Based Therapy: Improving Assessment, Treatment Acceptability and Cognitive Change


Corinna Elliott

Corinna is a doctoral student in the Clinical Psychology program at Concordia University. She completed a B.A. Honours in Psychology at the University of British Columbia in 2006; conducting research in the areas of both Clinical and Developmental Psychology. Corinna completed her M.A. in Psychology at Concordia University in 2008. Her Master’s thesis involved an experimental examination of the role of immorality in mental contamination, a new conceptualization of fears of contamination. Corinna’s primary research interest continues to focus on information processing abnormalities underlying a fear of contamination that may be present in OCD and other anxiety disorders.

M.A. Thesis title: Experimental analyses of mental contamination
Ph.D. Thesis title: Mental contamination: A cognitive approach

E-mail: co_ellio@live.concordia.ca


Gillian Alcolado

Gillian completed her Honours B.Sc. in Psychology and Spanish from Dalhousie University in 2006 and more recently completed her M.A. research in the Fear and Anxiety Disorders laboratory. She has worked on the MENTAL CHACKING, CARD SORTING, and MEMORY GAME studies and is now working on an upcoming study to be announced later this fall. She is interested in studying obsessive compulsive disorder and the roles that attention, memory processes and maladaptive beliefs play in the development and maintenance of this disorder. More generally, her research interests include origins, models, and treatments for anxiety disorders.

M.A. Thesis title: The effects of a manipulation of memory confidence on urges to check
Ph.D. Thesis title: TBA

E-mail: galcolad@live.concordia.ca



Allison Ouimet

Allison completed her B.A. in psychology at Concordia University, and her M.Sc. in Clinical Psychology at the University of Western Ontario. She has since returned to the Fear and Anxiety Disorders Laboratory as a PhD student in the Clinical Psychology program at Concordia University. Her interests focus on how knowledge of basic cognitive processes can inform our understanding of anxious beliefs and symptoms. Specifically, her research investigates the role played by cognitive bias in the development and maintenance of anxiety disorders, and how we can use this information to formulate effective treatment options. She is currently involved in the study entitled FIND THE BANANA!

M.Sc. Thesis title: Induced attentional biases as causal factors in emotional vulnerability
Ph.D. Thesis title: The integration of dual systems processing and cognitive bias in cognitive vulnerability to spider phobia

E-mail: aj_ouime@live.concordia.ca



Jessica Senn

Jessica completed her Honours B.A. in Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Colorado in 2007, where she conducted research on cognition and memory. She also spent the last few years gaining clinical research experience at the Anxiety Treatment and Research Centre in Hamilton, ON . Her research interests include cognitive processes involved in the development and maintenance of anxiety disorders, as well as individual factors that have an impact on one’s ability to benefit from cognitive behavioural therapy (e.g., personality, coping styles, and motivation). She is currently involved in the study entitled WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?

M.A. Thesis title: Memory bias for threatening information that was neutral at encoding

E-mail: j_senn@live.concordia.ca



Hannah Levy

Hannah is our newest graduate student in Clinical Psychology at Concordia University. She completed her undergraduate training at Boston University in 2008, where she conducted a Work for Distinction project examining the influence of parenting styles on young adults' personalities. She spent the last two years working at the National Center for PTSD in Boston, gaining clinical research experience in the treatment of combat PTSD. Her research interests include the development of novel treatment approaches for anxiety disorders, the use of safety behaviours to aid in the implementation of exposure therapy, and predictors of treatment outcome.

M.A. Thesis title: The effect of safety behaviour on the acceptability of exposure therapy for contamination fear

E-mail: ha_levy@live.concordia.ca





Stefanie L. Lavoie

Stefanie received her B.A., Specialization in Psychology in 2000 from Concordia University. She began working at the lab as a volunteer in December 2002, and has been working as Laboratory Coordinator in the Fear and Anxiety Disorders Laboratory since August 2003. She is responsible for coordinating granting agency submissions, developing online measures and updating the laboratory web site, clinical registry, and annual newsletter and liaising with university departments such as behavioural ethics committees, financial services and office of research services. She has been actively involved in a number of projects in the lab including the Reassurance Seeking Questionnaire study.
Her research interests include beliefs about responsibility in OCD and reassurance seeking.

E-mail: stefalav@alcor.concordia.ca



Jeff Renaud

Jeff is currently a research assistant for the Fear and Anxiety Disorders Laboratory while he is completing the fourth and final year of his B.A. in Honours Psychology. He has been a volunteer in the lab since 2008 and he completed his honour's thesis last year under Dr. Radomsky's supervision. Jeff plans to continue his education in Clinical Psychology at the graduate level. Although he has some experience in the domain of program evaluation, where he co-authored a publication in collaboration with a Douglas Institute / McGill University researcher, his interests lie particularly in the domain of anxiety disorders, with a special interest in the treatment of phobias.

E-mail: je_rena@live.concordia.ca




Kevin Barber


Kevin Barber

Honours thesis title: The role of fear associations and working memory capacity in attentional disengagement from spiders

E-mail: k_barb@live.concordia.ca




Katie Gordon Green

Thesis title: Does neuroticism predict memory change for neutral information after the introduction of threat?

E-mail: c_gord@live.concordia.ca




Katrina Messina

Honours thesis title: How do physical and moral disgust elicitors evoke the negative emotions of disgust, anxiety, anger, guilt and shame?

E-mail: k_messi@live.concordia.ca



Janice LaGiorgia
Lisa Serravalle


Sarah Brown Tesolin - Research Assistant (2001-2003)

Sebastien Tremblay - Honour's Thesis Student (2001-2002)
Dominique Dussault - PSYC 311 Student (2001-2002)

Dominique Dussault - Honour's Thesis Student (2002-2003)
David DiLenardo - PSYC 311 Student (2002-2003)
Philippe Gilchrist - PSYC 311 Student (2002-2003)

Andrea Ashbaugh - Graduate Student (2002-2008)

Elissa Golden - Research Assistant (2003-2004)
Philippe Gilchrist - Honour's Thesis Student (2003-2004)
Allison Ouimet - Honour's Thesis Student (2003-2004)
Matthew Paradis - Honour's Thesis Student (2003-2004)
Melissa Saxe -
Honour's Thesis Student (2003-2004)
Giuseppe Alfonsi - PSYC 311 Student (2003-2004)
Cathy Dandurand - PSYC 311 Student (2003-2004)
Monique Lahoud - PSYC 311 Student (2003-2004)
Nicole Hallonda Price - PSYC 311 Student (2003-2004)

Chris Parrish - Graduate Student (2003-2008)

Heather Mah - Summer PSYC 311 Student (2004)
Aileen Vivan - Summer PSYC 311 Student (2004)

Monique Lahoud - Thesis Student (2004-2005)
Stella Marie Paradisis - PSYC 311 Student (2004-2005)
Shana Rowen - PSYC 311 Student (2004-2005)

Allison Ouimet - Research Assistant (2005)
Oded Greemberg - Summer PSYC 311 Student (2005)

Monique Lahoud - Research Assistant (2005-2008)
Oded Greemberg - Honour's Thesis Student (2005-2006)
Shana Rowen - Honour's
Thesis Student (2005/2006)
Kristin Anderson - PSYC 311 Student (2005-2006)
Rana Pishva - PSYC 311 Student (2005-2006)

Oded Greemberg - Research Assistant (2006-2007)
Stella Marie Paradisis-
Honour's Thesis Student (2006-2007)

Stella-Marie Paradisis - Research Assistant (2007-2009)
Greg Mendelson- Thesis Student (2007-2008)
Laura Rudy - Honour's Thesis Student (2007-2008)
Ivana DiLeo- PSYC 311 Student (2007-2008)
Priscilla Morin- PSYC 311 Student (2007-2008)

Greg Mendelson - Research Assistant (2008-2009)
Ivana DiLeo - Thesis Student (2008-2009)
G. Micheal Everett- Honour's Thesis Student (2008-2009)
Amanda Levine - Honour's Thesis Student (2008-2009)
Sarah Zullo- Honour's Thesis Student (2008-2009)

Ivana DiLeo - Research Assistant (2009-2010)
Jesse Renaud -
Research Assistant (2009-2010)
Laura Choiniere - Honour's Thesis Student (2009-2010)
Jeff Renaud- Honour's Thesis Student (2009-2010)
Megan Wood- Honour's
Thesis Student (2009-2010)








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